Let your dog enjoy a lazy day with the Pineapple Chillin Embroidered Dog Shirt in Purple!

  • Cotton/poly blend
  • Purple shirt with multi-colored embroidered print
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Double stitched 

Why We Love It:


We love this fun embroidered t-shirt that simply states "Chillin' ". This is the ideal shirt for dogs that love an adventure or just enjoy laying around.  This dog shirt is great for trips to the dog park, for providing a little protection from the elements (and dirt) while camping or doing any fun messy activity. The high-cut belly will keep your pup clean and dry.  Double stitched for comfort and durability.  Made in the USA!


Sizing Information:


XS - Neck 8"  Length 8"  Girth 11"


S - Neck 9"  Length 10'  Girth 13"


M - Neck 10"  Length 12"  Girth 16"


L - Neck 12"  Length 14"  Girth 18"


XL - Neck 14"  Length 16"  Girth 20"


2XL - Neck 16"  Length 18"  Girth 22"


3XL - Neck 18"  Length 20"  Girth 24"

Pineapple Chillin Embroidered Dog Shirt - Purple

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